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4. The interesting thing about this amp is that it has an oversized, almost Deluxe-sized cabinet, which could easily accomodate a 12" speaker. I sold the Headstrong and kept the Fender. The vintage Princeton with its flabby old speaker has a bit warmer tone but who maybe the reissue Princeton will get there with time. Fender 2020 Ltd Edition Princeton Reverb, Celestion Alnico Blue, Chilewich Denim. I have heard that the new Fender Princeton Reissue has the same problem. Closed Back Custom Speaker Cabinets for a Fender Blues Deville Guitar Amplifier. NEW Fender Amps Champion 20 Guitar Amp 8 ohms 8" speaker 1/8th headphones jack 600 Tube Amp Combo Grill Cloth Baffle Board. Jan 13, 2016 · And I determined that the Princeton RI baffle board fits the original (in my case 66) amp perfectly, I just swapped the original logo onto the nice new cloth. The 12" 8 ohm speaker was a Fender Special design model made by Oxford. Cleaner British voiced tone with a full low end, warm, throaty mids and a very open top end. We can design cabinets tailored to your specific needs and offer reproduction or custom enclosures for vintage and modern amplifiers. A reproduction of the original Fender Blackface Princeton Reverb® Style Head Cabinet. It won't do so much of that "driven so hard it sounds broken" tone that original PRs do, but for clean through to overdriven Fender tones it sounds amazing. In stock Fender amps, each speaker is 8 ohms. larger baffel , loaded with a 12" speaker and n. This thing is all original except the speaker which has been replaced with a Kendrick 10″ speaker. Fits vintage or reissue. The speaker baffle has been enlarged to take a 12” driver - what you lose in originality, you gain in speaker options. Fender '68 Custom Princeton Reverb 12W 1X10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp With Celestion Ten 30 Speaker Black. Install grill cloth, and you have professional speaker mounting studs. PRINCETON™ 65 OWNER'S MANUAL Your new Princeton™ 65 is designed by the same Fender® Tone-team that created many other classic Fender amps like the ToneMaster®, Prosonic™, Princeton® Chorus and Twin Reverb® to name a few. Solid state preamp with tube power section . Secondly, this is a ‘fixed bias’ amplifier in the truest sense of the phrase. For Fender Princeton 112, Cyber 1965 Fender Princeton (non reverb) s/n a003768 (June ’65) This VERY clean 50 year old gem is 95% original. May 04, 2017 · One key consideration is if you’re thinking of buying an Achillies Princeton amplifier my suggestion would be to go for the one with the 12-inch speaker. Jensen Vintage Alnico Series, P10R, 8 ohm 10in speaker. While a 10-inch speaker can definitely feel certain rooms you get a have a little bit more luck with a 12-inch speaker. Fender FSR '65 Princeton Reverb Guitar Combo Amp, Fender Princeton Reverb Vintage Spec 1x10" Speaker Baffle 4 Restoration Project. I want to get a little more volume, low end from the amp. The stock reverb on a Princeton was a small 9" pan spring reverb. Leather handle, metal furniture glides and speaker mounting hardware are standard. The Princeton sounds good at low volume. Lacquered Tweed takes Fender's 15W gem and gives it the true vintage treatment with a lacquered tweed covering and a vintage-voiced 12" Jensen speaker. LA. Celestion speakers are another option but they're not usually associated with Fender amps. Find great deals on eBay for brown fender princeton. Installing this speaker is like putting a 12" in your Princeton Reverb but without having to cut the baffle. See full list on sweetwater. Princeton Reverb combo . ← Fender Narrow Panel Tweed Deluxe 1962 FENDER 6G2 PRINCETON OXFORD 10J4 10 INCH SPEAKER W ORIGINAL WIRING HARNESS TUBE AMP 62 1962 Fender 6G2 Princeton Oxford 10J4 10 inch speaker. I fitted some Sprague Atom capacitors and replaced the original speaker with a This 60s Fender Princeton had a power problem and still had the original For the classic Fender look, I covered it with black tolex and covered the baffle board   Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Fender '65 Princeton Reverb 1x10" Don't be fooled by 15 watts, with the internal ten inch speaker it provides all you need power tubes as well as an additional brace on the baffle to prevent rattling. 00: 1006142: The picture below shows a 66 blackface Princeton-Amp with its Jensen C10ns speaker, a truly great American-voiced speaker and an important factor for the classic blackface Fender tone. Guitar Cabinets Direct Most guitar cabinet providers have placed orders with us, we are the high-end guitar cabinet producer in the USA. Fender Princeton Reverb 12-Watt Vintage Blackface Guitar Combo Amp | Reverb. Some people have changed the speaker baffle to resolve this. I read that some of the older Vintage Princetons have a glued baffle so maybe that's why they don't rattle. Phillips head. Search. This is going to be ‘fun’ on a few different levels. Wow! DETAILS Year: 1964. GTRZZ Junior Member. Wired in parallel, you get the correct 2 ohm load for the above stated amps. included ;is the original speaker and baffle. cabinet measures 14 1/2" H x 15 1/4" W x 8 3/4" D I wanted the wood grain to match throughout the cabinet, After purchasing a piece of select pine wood 1" thick 10" wide and 8' in length, I carefully marked the 4 sections to be cut at 14. Both are rated to handle 75 Watts so your Princeton will distort before the speaker does. I have a few 12's around the house I can try; H30, vin30, JensenC12K2 (like a purple). I acquired an original 66 BF Princeton Reverb and I didn't want to risk blowing out the original Jensen. My bass player friend has a later Princeton Reverb, and you can really see the difference in size. 25" then 14. Jan 05, 2014 · As the title implies, this video demonstrates a good technique for applying grille cloth to a speaker baffle. Freshly tuned up last year by Michael Clark at Clark amplification. It seemed a little more responsive. For the past couple decades the Fender Deluxe of the ’60s and early ’70s – in its several variants – held the title of “favorite small vintage combo. 26 ruger9 1 year ago . Discussion in 'The Squawk Box' started by GTRZZ, Nov 23, 2012. Its golden tones are generated by an all-tube signal path using a pair of EL84 output tubes and 3 - 12AX7 preamp tubes. Finish: Blackface. Back: 6 mm birch. From a 1979 Fender Princeton Reverb. 99 $ 1,199. This is actually a blackface circuit though. The original speakers were ‘ok’ back in the day (keep in mind that Fender did offer a JBL upgrade at additional cost for most models). I used to have a purple AC4 like yours. The last mass produced hand wired, point to point fender tube amps. Great amp, but ultimately I decided I preferred my '69 PR, which also has a 12" baffle and speaker. $1,199. Shop with confidence. Dimensions: 18-5/16" Width x 12-9/16" Height x 1/2" Thick. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Hi all, I have a silverface Princeton Reverb with a 10" CTS, will there be any problems if I switch to a 12 without changing the baffle? I've heard of it being done but there was no follow up as to how it affected the speaker or tone. The cabinets have a birch plywood floating-type baffle board built up 1/4" on the edges and covered with black/white/silver sparkle grill cloth and have a brushed stainless-steel Allen logo. If one plans to change the baffle (to offset the speaker in a situation like the installation of an oversized speaker), a glued in baffle will make the job difficult and discouraging. It had such paltry bass response. Speaker I’ve wanted a Vintage 30 for a while, but I also like the idea of smaller size and portability. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. 08: 10 – 19 Narrow Panel Tweed Champ® Style Baffle (1x8") (Original So, with a SF Fender Princeton Reverb, and an 80's Rivera era Fender Concert, would a birch or pine plywood baffle improve the sound?? The cabs themselves are p-board. Speaker mounts come in a variety of different formats. 10 inch speaker removed and 12 inch baffle installed with Celestion Alnico blue speaker. This is a nice 30 watt speaker for a relatively low efficiency for playing at lower volumes for a 12" speaker and achieving natural tube break up earlier at a lower volume. Also the power cable and some filter caps are changed but the transformers and other parts are original. This amplifiers wooden cabinet was covered with black tolex and the grill covering in front of the speaker baffle was grey or silver sparkle woven material. Your slide playing is outstanding. WITH ORIGINAL 10 inch SPEAKER AND BAFFLE Jun 27, 2020 · The original Oxford 10J4 ceramic magnet speaker is intact, with a clean black frame, Fender blue foil sticker on the magnet, and date stamp on the frame from the 15th week of’65. Players from all genres LOVE this amp - from Blues, to Country, to Rock! Tell Us About the Upgrades! 1) The most obvious difference is the 12" speaker upgrade. 25" Measure Twice CUT Once! Apr 06, 2016 · The Legend 105 and Ragin Cajun both have a sensitivity of 100dB for 1 Watt, meaning it will be as if your amp had three times as much power. It's been recently overhauled, including a cap job. Alternatives. a WGS G10C would be my pick for maximum "very Fender blackface clean", and it's not an expensive speaker either. We have two main choices depending on your preference – the 10F150 and 10F150T. Advanced Search The Fender pro jr. With a silver-and-turquoise front panel and classy aluminum "drip edge" grille cloth trim, the Princeton Reverb received a fresh new face as it remained the perfect recording and gigging amp. Used 1x10" speaker baffle for Fender Princeton Reverb amplifier. This is a genuine Fender quality constructed cab with the 12” baffles being custom made. Amp is a 1966 and incredible shape. This speaker is used in newer Deluxe Reverb reissues (the 100W model) and it has lots of punch and sparkling highs. One of my 1959 Tweed Princeton amps the guy hacked a 10" speaker in the baffle, and it was a mess. Mar 16, 2014 · On these, one can just unscrew the baffle only on blackface and early silverface, up to about '72. 1967 Fender Deluxe Reverb: Quest for the Best Replacement Speaker! Today I went on one of my most extensive tone quests yet, seeking out a love-mate for my new favorite amp, the ’67 Deluxe Reverb featured in last weeks blog. Tweed Fenders used 3/8 plywood for the baffle. Great value, features, and way more reliable and serviceable than any of the new plastic circuit board Reissue amps. Speaker wiring harnesses are available for an additional charge. Of course, a larger speaker might improve the bottom end, but the speakers in it are pretty robust 10"-ers. 8 ohms for Fender amps. Messages: 8 Likes Custom Princeton Reverb Cabs with tilt legs and 12″ speaker cut out. Fender Princeton Amplifier NOS Mullard preamp tubes w brand new JJ power tubes. This is what I was looking for. rca tubes. The ’62 Princeton Chris Stapleton Edition amp is designed and built to the artist’s specifications. Whether you like the "floating baffle" or fixed baffle sound is really a matter of taste. It's in perfect working condition and a real gem. I kept the OG grill cloth so I'll include that too! Fits a 10" speaker - screws and nuts still attached. Not sure if it’s Blackface or Silverface - it’s definitely a valve one as you can see the original tube chart. This is an incredible sounding amplifier. Drill hole, insert and tighten screws into wood from front of baffle. So I unstapled 3 sides of the original grill cloth and cut the 12" speaker hole and the 4 screws, and now the 12" Speaker works like a charm. For $650 to $1000 I'd say the vintage Princeton is a better amp but this new amp is no slacker in the sound department and it's the sharpest looking amp in my studio now. 1 – 9: $56. In terms of construction, like most affordable modern Fender amps, the cabinet is fairly thin and light, with a minimally braced 'floating' front baffle. 00. Still 500 less than the Marshall plus a 12 inch speaker, something the other two amps didn't have. The only changes ever made are the original baffle has been cut for a 12 inch speaker (most likely early in its life) and a three prong power cable has been added. " Oct 17, 2019 · Then I saw the FSR Princeton Reverb '65 fifteen watt 12" in wine red. Chris’s new signature model combines his favorite features in a wonderful amp sure to appeal to fans, collectors and professional guitarists everywhere. The downside is that the speaker is less efficient in a "floating baffle design". FENDER® SPEAKER MOUNTING SCREW WITH BOTH WOOD AND MACHINE THREADS, SET OF 12. Works perfect and sounds great. 1966 princeton reverb amp , new caps and plug with cover . Combo Amp - $899. Sep 09, 2017 · The other day I found this prime 1971 (my birth year) Silverface Princeton Reverb for sale. For the time being however, our goal was to take a Fender Reissue amp of some type and upgrade it with a simple speaker swap and report the results. I'm building a 12" speaker baffle for a Fender Princeton Reverb 65 reissue, and this is the closest match I could find to the original speaker cloth. Also, the Headstrong's reverb was much less lush than the Fender. 50 Chassis Straps Kit for Princeton Reverb Deluxe Extension Speaker Jack External Speaker Jack Controls: Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass. Free plans for farmhouse tables, rustic dining tables, farm tables and more. Deluxe welded chrome plated steel chassis with quality eyelet and turret boards, capacitors, resistors, and hand wired components And then, one further caveat would be to be sure that the particular vintage of Fender amp has the 'floating baffle' as opposed to a glued in one. All baffles come with 4 studs per speaker. Chassis cutout Shipping costs · Details 1 x 'Fender Oxblood with gold stripe, tweed Grill cloth' order  These are the quintessential years for the Fender Princeton that are of the the changes that the Brownface versions did: 15 Watts, a single 10" speaker and The later Silverface Amps used a particle board baffle and hardboard type panels . ” Lately, however, the smaller Princeton has finagled its way into that position. An efficient big magnet 10" would be the cheaper/easier option too, it would save you from getting a new baffle board or altering the one you have. The speaker baffle was also cut out (roughly) for a 12" Weber NeoDog speaker upgrade. We have one of these in a 1971 Fender Princeton Reverb now and it screams. Whether it be a vintage Blackface or Silverface amp, or one of the re-issue amps that Fender has released over the years, (like the most recent 68 reissue), a Weber speaker is a perfect fit. Musician's Gear 16-gauge speaker cable This Musician's Gear 16-gauge speaker cable is a solid mix of low resistance and 2-conductor, oxygen-free copper wire. Episode 38 Aug 05, 2019 · The good news was is sounded absolutely excellent with the 68 Custom too. The Weber speaker is a very big improvement!!! I like deep Fender cleans with thunderous reverb and I can not believe the huge sound that now comes out of such a low wattage amp. Only 3 left in stock An original Princeton Reverb is a fully tube driven amp, including the reverb. Fender Reissue - Classifieds in Houston, TX: 2010 57 reissue fender stratocaster, Fender Stratocaster 57 reissue 1988, Fender Telecaster Custom 1962 Re, Fender Princeton Reverb 3965 Reissue, Guitar Amps for SALE or. Model: Princeton Reverb. After that, you either need to cut the baffle somehow or you could get a different cabinet made - but that's more money. Baffle: 10 mm birch. Much like the Showman 12, this Bassman featured a small cab with a 12” JBL 131 speaker mounted on a double-baffle tone ring. The Princeton Reverb came with a 10" stock speaker, and many people modded them to replace the 10" baffle with a 12" so they could get a standard sized BAFFLE BOARD 10" for Blackface Princeton Reverb Amplifier Kit can replace the original baffle or a 12" baffle of a blackface Princeton Reverb Amp. Iconic Sound and Style A historically significant amp used on countless hit songs for decades. Fender originally made then with a 1x10 speaker baffle . baffle boards and back panels then covered with authentic tweed fabric and oxblood / stripe grill cloth. What you see is what you get. Fender Custom ?68 Princeton Reverb is a great amp. Effects: The X2 combo reviewed here features a 10-inch Fender Special Design speaker. (more on the speaker we chose below) 2) The reverb circuit is vastly upgraded. In this video, the tubes and chassis are evaluated, an attempt is made to repair the Oxford speaker, the painted original grill cloth is saved, and the 6V6 output tubes are re-biased. Baffle with 12" speaker for silver face Fender Princeton Reverb amp | eBay This is a fantastic sounding Princeton Reverb that was made in the USA in 1966. 15 Watts Output From Two 6V6 Power Tubes Tube Driven Spring Reverb and Tremolo One Jensen "P12Q" 12" Speaker with Alnico Magnet Burgundy Vinyl Covering with "Wheat" Grille Two Button Footswitch and Silpcover Included Used Vintage Early '60s Fender "Bandmaster" Amp Head - $1,499. Overall this example sounds wonderful and comes complete with its original foots-witch and an aftermarket slip cover. The original 10 inch speaker and baffle have been replaced with a vintage correct baffle and vintage Jensen gold label C12N which is coded 220020. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. These original speakers are often flat and dull now (some 50 years later)! We use Fat Jimmy Vintage Series speakers in our shop. 4x4 X Base Pedestal Dining Table with Planked Wood Top. Locking nut and washer included. Built in phaser. Serial: 01435. This change eliminates the flabby low end of a 10 speaker ** All Slant Front cabinets are made like a blackface style cabinet with a floating baffle board. Original EV speaker . I just think the 12" is kinda big for the box, unless you really need the extra volume, stay with the stock speaker or upgrade it. These amps had a high and low input and Volume and Tone Controls. The single-speaker Bassman cabs became less common as Fender realized that a 2 x 12” setup was optimal and desired by players for the 50 watt Bassman and Bandmaster piggyback amps. The Eminence Legend GB128 guitar speaker helps clean up your act. The PRRI cab pretty much necessitates dropping the baffle out to change the speaker. Triple-speaker Fender narrow-panel tweed ’57 Bandmaster classic known for crisp highs One of Fender’s greatest tweed amps, which began life as a bass ’59 Bassman® amp before being adopted by countless guitarists From the “Brownface” era of the Fender Deluxe, this amp splits ’61 Deluxe simple speaker stand plans 🔥+ simple speaker stand plans 27 Jul 2020 dining table. Fender twin reverb 2x12 combo . 20 Fender Style Tweed Baffle Screw with nut - each £ 1. Hello, for sale Fender Princeton Reissue with many updates. Used Fender Princeton Reverb Ltd. Shop for the Fender Limited-Edition '65 Princeton Reverb 12W 1x12 Tube The relationship between classic Fender amps and Jensen speakers has long  (I don't mean Fender intended the amp it for acoustic amplification but I don't The baffle board (front panel where the speaker goes) is 20mm ply and the  Princeton Reverb 5F2 Style amp cabinet, raw: Princeton Reverb 5F2 style amp cabinet, raw, without tolex & grillcloth for 10" speaker slant version for 10" speaker slant version. Solid pine construction with Baltic birch speaker baffle and rear panel. 5" then 15. Feb 12, 2019 · Hi JazzGuitarlovers, Just bought an used Fender 65 Princeton Reverb and want to replace the Speaker. The Princeton will respond like a Tweed Champ and will make a great recording FOUR SPEAKER WIRING: This is the standard wiring for Fender amps with four speakers, ie the Super Reverb, Tweed Bassman, and Blackface Concert. Time left 1d Jul 23, 2020 · Mounting The Speaker. This is not the original grill cloth- this is more of the teal-ish one. The tube chart is completely intact and quite clean too, with a “OH” date stamp which translates to August of’65. Personally, I think Fender amps are built like sh!t in general, and I've had a bunch of them, all with cabinet, speaker or electronic issues. 00 The Blues Jr. It have classic sparkly Fender tone. The baffle has been custom cut for a 12" speaker and it has several NOS tubes, along with the obligatory 3-prong power cable. Amp is very loud, but capable for very nice fender clean tone on low volumes. Broadview & Danforth call 416-461-2394 or call or text 416-627-1213 or email cafemiro@sympatico. Get it Fri, Jul 24 - Tue, Jul 28. Amplifier Fender Princeton 65 - 12 inch speaker, classic sound, very clean reduced to $400. Features include: Jan 06, 2009 · The speaker baffle rattles when you hit certain notes. Tremolo and reverb sound great. Fender Custom Princeton Reverb, '68 Vintage Modified, LIMITED EDITION, silver face style with wheat grill cloth and seafoam freen tolex, 12 watts all tube with hand wired tube sockets, tube preamp includes 3 X 12AX7and 1 X 12AT7, output tubes are 2 X 6V6, one 10" Celstion green back speaker, reverb and tremolo, authentic tweed-era Bassman tone Extension Speaker Jack External Speaker Jack Controls: Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass. These models also had the channels reversed with the Bright channel on right and the Normal channel on the left. Jun 14, 2013 · This is Part 2 of a 3-Part series featuring the restoration of a 1967 Princeton Princeton Reverb amplifier. … To be able to use Tube Amp Doctor Onlineshop in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. Search in titles only Search in Vintage Amps only. -several extra holes in speaker baffle*-one replacement knob (70s-era Fender) *It looks like that someone had fitted this amp with a 12" speaker at some point in time. It may not be even close to vintage correct, but it's an excellent sounding replacement for an older speaker. It's all housed in a rugged, durable enclosure with sturdy center baffle bracing and a striking visual design with sleek and modern Fender styling. By replacing the original 10″ baffle you can upgrade to a 12″ baffle and a 12″ speaker which pushes more air. It's curious that the baffle was the only place that they used the particle board. The Blues Jr. Perfect condition speaker installed in stock Princeton Reverb Reissue Baffle. Mounting bolts and T-nuts are preferable. Just touch it up with a black marker pen. Oct 17, 2015 · Silverface Princeton Reverb with the drip-edge style grill. I replaced the speaker with an Eminence 1058 10″ speaker. 4 This is from a 68 Princeton reissue and in brand new condition and includes the 10 celestion speaker I changed to a 12 and no longer need the baffle or speaker , 1251476294 Aug 08, 2014 · Choosing the right speaker is a whole different issue altogether and takes a bit of research and may be an article we tackle in the future. Classic fender sound I know and love. The best alternative I've looked at so far is Eminence Legend 122, unless I can find an old Jensen C12n  The Princeton Reverb is the smallest blackface/silverface Fender amp with both speaker run by a 12-15W dual 6V6 amp, it delivers a true “American” Fender tone The glued and stapled baffles on the silverface amps is to us one of the  All Fender style cabinets are constructed of solid dovetailed pine with birch ply baffle boards and back panels. com. Great early '60s looks with rough brown tolex, brown The Alnico speaker gives the amp a really sweet top end and using a 12" over the standard 10" Jensen tightens up the bottom end immensely. The grille cloth I am using is particularly thick and inflexible, making it quite difficult to work with, so it's the ultimate test of the efficacy of this method. From my beloved Fender Super Champ XD I know that theEminence Cannabis Rex is a fine choice for a 1 The Woody Princeton, TV Front Princeton and 5B2 Wide Panel Princeton 1946-1953: All three of these models used the same cicuit but had different cosmetics. Add to cart Jul 30, 2016 · Biggest surprise though was putting a replacement 6" Weber speaker in a cheapo Chinese-made Fender Champion 600. This width makes the baffle act as an extension of the speaker adding to the coloration to the sound. Very clean and beautiful. All original, except for the power transformer, one small capacitor, and a 3 prong (8 feet long) power cord, all of which have been replaced by the 'Vintage Amp Doctor' Skip Simmons. Standard speaker configurations as well as custom are available. Oct 05, 2009 · To me the Princeton is a great amp with one big weakness, that 10 inch speaker. Read more about Fender Speaker Mount Screw, 0026577000; Fender Speaker Mount Screw For Blackface Amp, 0075598000 Submitted by gpadmin on Thu, 08/15/2013 - 22:44. Plugged my guitar in and it was obvious immediately. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC, or simply Fender) is an American manufacturer of stringed instruments and amplifiers. Pre-Owned. 1968 was a transitional year for Fender amps with tone that was still pure Fender but a look that was brand new. com One of the reasons old Fender Tweed amps sound so lively and wonderful is because the baffle is very thin ply - and none too high quality either! - barely attached to the cabinet by only a few bolts, so the whole thing vibrates along with the speaker. 1 in stock. Baffle designed and built to fit a Mojotone Princeton Reverb® Style 1x12 Cabinet, made out of 100% void-free Baltic birch ply. Beyond that, I just don't think the Princeton box supports a 12" speaker as well as a larger cabinet like that of a Deluxe. Comments: The non-reverb Princeton did not exist as an AA763 model, instead, it kept the 6G2 designation well into 1964. Jul 04, 2011 · Haven't compared the Princeton Reverb reissues to mine, but Fender got it right with the Deluxe Reverb Reissue - it's a great amp and with prices of even silverface Deluxe Reverbs up near $1000 or more, the reissue can make sense. 1966 PRINCETON REVERB AMP. Quite bright. Re: will a JBL 12'' speaker fit in a Princeton reverb « Reply #3 on: November 18, 2018, 08:06:58 pm » Also, I'd consider recessing the speaker rim into the front of the baffle board. Enjoy! Title: Mojotone Princeton 12" Speaker Baffle  Baffle designed and built to fit a Mojotone Princeton Reverb® Style 1x12 Cabinet, made out of 100% void-free Baltic Covering: Fender Style Black/White/Silver  Baffles. The stock speaker baffle from my Princeton Reverb RI. The amp has been serviced and needs nothing. Blaise Z. No velcro two piece baffle, and aluminum trim is not available** Packages come with finger-jointed pine cab, backs, baffle, feet glides, strap handle, corners, speaker mounting hardware, and jack ferrule with 1/4″ jack. Addendum- cabinet mounting screw holes do not appear to be stripped out. All brown amps that I know of do have plywood baffles, and then they suddenly switch to particle board in mid '63 for the blackface amps. Most Super Reverb amps from the late 60’son have this speaker wiring. Aug 22, 2013 · Whether you need to change out a damaged speaker or upgrade to a new speaker, this Fender University clip demos the steps to changing your speakers in your Fender combo amp or extension cabinet. Untouched other then that, its impressively clean inside and out. True vintage Fender sound combined with with modern efficiency, sparkle and some punch. Effects: Tube Driven Spring Reverb Tube A speaker upgrade is also a BIG step towards better tone. I notice it wants to “honk” bass notes sometimes but based on some of the comments here I’m going to dial the bass back to 2 and see what that gets me Hand built select solid pine cabinet with birch speaker baffle and Fender style slide feet; Fender style tweed covering with leather handle and Fender style grill cloth Lacquer finish included. Hardware: Cabinet Material: Solid Pine Cabinet w/ Birch Plywood Baffle & upper and lower back panel Pilot Light Jewel: Blue (other colors available) Knobs: Chicken Head or Barrel Head Handle: Leather Handle. Speaker baffle is 1/2” baltic and rear panels are 3/8” baltic birch . Now there's three ways to do this. No tears no marks. I also have a 65 RI Princeton Reverb with whatever stock 10” speaker and tubes that came with it (Im not where I can look right now). Sep 26, 2011 · I owned a Headstrong Lil King with a 12" Eminence speaker. It's really loud. I played my SG through it and thought "wow, it sounds this good now, just wait until the speaker is broken in. Fender's new Princeton Recording Amp offers all of the great tone and dynamics of the original, plus several modern studio-friendly features. Please note: Before ordering make sure to confirm that our dimensions will match up with your cabs dimensions. com Oct 24, 2010 · If I was building one, sure might do a 12" baffle, but no way to cutting up an original 1965 Princeton in my opinion. Any smaller and you start to find that the speaker isn’t up to producing the full tones that you’d expect from this amp (just plug it into a 2×10 or 2×12 cab to see the difference – these can be HUGE amps with the right speakers). Fender’s ‘65 Princeton Reverb reissue is the obvious choice if you just want classic Fender clean, but a real silverface Princeton Reverb, and many of its boutique clones and even kits, will set you back more than the cost of this ‘68 Custom. The amp went from being absolutely unusable (even for practicing) to something that is as good (if slightly different, brighter and less powerful) as the '57 Champ. Moreover, it's built by the same craftspeople that build our popular line of Standard Series guitars and basses. I doubt that the Tonker is the ultimate speaker for a PR because of it's design (it has a 59 ounce ceramic magnet and is rated at 150 watts!) and voicing, but it was pretty awesome. Hardware: Cabinet Material: Solid Pine Cabinet w/ Birch Plywood Baffle & upper and lower back panel Pilot Light Jewel: Blue (other colors available) Knobs: See options Handle: Leather Handle. There is only about 1/8" to 3/16" of space at the top and bottom, the speaker just fits into the area. Allen Amplification also offers open-backed speaker cabinets constructed from The cabinets have a birch plywood floating-type baffle board built up 1/4" on Custom cabinets for Fender® chassis Custom Princeton Reverb™ 4x8 Cabinet . As a result, chances are that you have seen/used our products before, you just don’t know it. The Princeton amp basically housed the same circuit as the Champ although with added low-pass tone control, larger output transformer and a larger cabinet. The 1966 FENDER PRINCETON REVERB - $2000 (Westerly) < image 1 of 6 > QR Code Link to This Post. BAFFLE BOARD 12" for Blackface Princeton Reverb Amplifier Kit Fits also Fender® 65`Princeton Reverb Reissue if a small strip of wood is removed because of  9 Oct 2011 Or should I replace the baffle? 2. The handle on this amplifier was made of black reinforced vinyl with chrome glides. 09/19/2017 . This amp is ready to go for years with zero issues. 14 Apr 2020 The stock power tubes in my Fender '65 Princeton Reverb reissue guitar The speaker has been beefed up to a 12" Eminence Cannabis Rex for its The 1965 (pre-67 actually) had the speaker baffle board screwed in. The speaker had been completely painted over with silver paint so identifying it was near impossible but I believe it came from a fender 4 speaker cabinet. They are all sanded to 150 grit There is a fair amount of work involved with this Mod - The Front Speaker Baffle must be removed from the Amp, then the Grille Cloth removed, the Speaker Hole enlarged, New Mounting Bolts Fitted, Baffle Re-Painted Matt Black, Grille Cloth Refitted, Baffle Refitted to the Amp and the New Speaker fitted. The speaker and baffle board have been changed. 25" Measure Twice CUT Once! Like new, Fender Princeton Reverb Cabinet in traditional black Tolex. Baffle and 12″ speaker upgrade. Its all-tube preamp, power amp and reverb circuitry is based on the classic '65 Princeton Reverb, and, with 20 watts and a 10" Jensen speaker, it provides spanking vintage tone and enough output for small Aug 22, 2011 · A practice amp with a 10″ or 12″ speaker is a great candidate for a DIY Fender Princeton amp project. NEED A DIFFERENT Grill Cloth FROM WHAT'S SHOWN? LEAVE US A COMMENT AT THE END OF CHECKOUT TO INSTALL THE grill cloth  Products 1 - 25 of 25 Blackface Princeton Reverb 1x10 Speaker Baffle. It sounds better than any of the reissues and is priced to go. This is from Fender's Paul Riviera designed series of the early 80s. Make me an offer if you're interested! do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Apr 30, 2020 · Yeah, $950 and mine was a useless piece of crap. I recently purchased a new Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue. Over the last few years the Princeton Reverb has become increasingly popular due to its robust tone, portability and ability to fit in a mix in just about any club. Lacquered Tweed takes Fender's 15 watt gem and gives it the true vintage treatment with a lacquered tweed covering and a vintage-voiced 12" Jensen speaker. I really enjoyed the demo. Essentially a top-quality handwired 6G2 brown Princeton reissue but with a few twists replicating country force Chris Stapleton's favorite mods. It is manufactured by Leo Fender after he left home Fender / CBS. this baffle was removed from the reissue amp to install 12" speaker baffle. I tried the "steel angle mod" for securing the baffle board and it hardly made a difference. This is used baffle in excellent condition- no stains. Test fit the baffle and speaker. The cabinet is ¾” solid pine with precision cut ¼” finger joints. Superb in Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue . ca We have been building speaker cabinets for amp companies and individual musicians since 1996 . 1962 Bassman 2x12 JBLs. It is in good condition with the grill cloth strait, with no holes. Now I have a Special Edition 15w 65’ Princeton with a 12” Jensen. early 1960s “brown” Fender Princeton amplifiers for many years. The speaker is a very tight fit so take care to position it carefully. $25. Dimensions: 18-5/16" Width x 12-9/16" Height x  BAFFLE BOARD 12'' für Blackface Princeton Reverb Amp. The cabinets feature a single speaker jack on the upper back panel, bottom chrome corners, heavy duty glides, and a black strap handle. Mar 13, 2007 · I just connected my 1968 Princeton Reverb to the 12" Eminence Tonker in my Roland Blues cube. Though for a classic Fender sound/tone, I would retrofit a Jensen alnico (P10R), in lieu of using the stock Celestion ten thirty speaker. Dimensions: (H) 12-9/16“ x (W) 18-5/16“ x (D) ½“ (Add ¼“ trim strip) Narrow Panel Tweed Princeton® Style 1x8 Baffle L1TPB284 Quantity. 99. If you do not email to request a 1x10 you will receive a 1x12 , as per the description Array ( [articleID] => 1799 [articleDetailsID] => 2595 [ordernumber] => RSC212MC-2 [highlight] => [description] => 2x12" Speaker-Cabinet Fender Blackface Style EXT [description_long] => A OPEN-BACK 2 x 12" cabinet, reproducing the tonal range of the classic blackface Fender combo amp cabinets, but with improved details, better definition and 28 Aug 2017 This is my review of the Mojotone replacement 12" Speaker Baffle for the Fender Princeton. Please email me : refugio@rawcabs. I am tempted to get a new speaker baffle and try a 12" in it, but for now the Copperhead does the job. FOUR SPEAKER WIRING: This is the standard wiring for Fender amps with four speakers, ie the Super Reverb, Tweed Bassman, and Blackface Concert. . May 13, 2017 · I've read good things about the Fender '68 Custom Princeton Reverb 12W. Reverb, Speed, Intensity . The 6V6 amplifier chosen for this experiment is the ubiquitous Fender Princeton Reverb. 4 Find great deals on eBay for brown fender princeton. The reissue is a great amp, no doubt. If you can track down a vintage model from the 60’s, you’re a lucky man. Jensen P12Q. The Princeton Reverb came with a 10" stock speaker, and many people modded them to replace the 10" baffle with a 12" so they could get a standard sized speaker in there. A bigger amp would have been too much, and a Champ or Princeton Reverb wouldn't have been enough. Original cone, no damage, no rub, no rattles, etc. $1. s. First of all, there are not a lot of choices when shopping for 6V6 tubes today. Jan 05, 2018 · I have a 1976 Princeton non reverb with the original Oxford speaker. Keep that puppy clean, and just replace the speaker with the original in the closet. Vintage aged grill cloth Upgraded reverb tank (MOD spring reverb) Cream radio style knobs. Speaker: one 10” Oxford 10J4 Output: approximately 12 watts RMS. Original wiring harness included, original solder joints. With built-in tremolo/vibrato circuit and 12 watts pushing a 10" speaker, the Princeton was something of a middle-ground between the smaller Vibro Champ and the bigger Deluxe Amp. Hand built select finger joint solid pine cabinet with birch speaker baffle and Fender style slide feet; Fender style tweed covering with leather handle and Fender style grill cloth Lacquer finish included. Once you put everything together, it is time to mount the speaker or speakers to the baffle. Beautiful Alnico compression. Fender Amp Field Guide - best single resource on the net for Fender Amp specs: The Fender Amp Field Guide Remember that a Princeton also has a speaker jack, so you can plug in any cabinet you want. The Fender pro jr. Princeton Reverb RI FSR 15 watt with 12" speaker. It was basically a Brownface Princeton with a blackface cabinet and faceplate, but the faceplate had numbers for the controls (like the brownface amps) and the knobs were the white barrel-knobs as found on the Blonde amps Jul 08, 2013 · I have a DRRI if I want a louder giggable Fender amp. Princeton Reverb 1x10 or 1x12. Original speaker. Dec 21, 2018 · Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Fender '65 Princeton Reverb 15-Watt 1x10-Inch Guitar Combo Amp at Amazon. I replaced the original 10 Jensen speaker with a 12 Celestian G12H-30 watt, 70th Anniversary Edition Speaker with a Baltic Birch Speaker Baffle. By: Ana simple speaker stand plans This step by step project is about deer blinds plans. The size, weight and versatility make this amp a favorite. My plan is to get a 1x12 ext. An aged lacquer finish on the cloth tweed is $35. The top of the speaker baffle meets up with the amp chassis, so there is no way to fasten it down to anything. Coming very soon to Mather Amp Cabinet! In addition to our custom orders, we will also offer a small batch of ready-to-go 1x12 Princeton and Deluxe Reverb size/style open-back extension cabinets, loaded with a meaty, Fender-y Weber 12F150 speaker, and built with our signature dovetail constr Fender Speaker Mounting Screws Mount Screws - each £ 1. Especially when there are very efficient 10's on the market. Reverb, Speed, Intensity. 46:09 Footswitch 101 and an ’80s Rivera-era Fender Princeton Reverb 2 50:29 Using EQ to lower the volume on a 50-watt Mesa Boogie Mark II 56:05 A 1968 Fender Vibro Champ with a hum that goes away 1:01:56 Power = Voltage × Current 1:03:38 A 5881 or a 6L6GC power tube in a 5F1 1:05:48 Speaker recommendations for a 1966 Ampeg Gemini II. Regardless, that speaker is long gone. Very nice clean speaker. BAFFLE BOARD 12 " for Blackface Princeton Reverb Amplifier Kit Fits also Fender® more. Used Fender Princeton baffle and Jensen C10R 10″ speaker. Curiously, Fender did use particle board for the speaker baffle from the beginning of blackface production. Price. Today, the '65 Princeton Reverb is as phenomenal looking, sounding and performing as ever, and is easily versatile enough to go from the living room to the recording studio to the gig with the great sound, style, reliability and authentic vintage vibe that Fender players know and love. cab and run the Princeton through that and bypass the stock 10 speaker. It feels solidly put together and neatly upholstered, however, and it's comfortable to carry with one hand. How to Bias a Fender Princetone Reverb. As an owner of an original brown tolex 1962/1963 Princeton Reverb, I've always loved the PRs tones. 1966-'67 Vintage Fender Princeton Reverb amplifier, in near mint condition, with the original footswitch, schematic and owners manual. Up for sale is a stunning and wonderful sounding 1964 Fender Princeton Reverb Pre CBS Blackface combo amplifier. I haven’t missed the Vox for a second. I just closed a deal for my 2nd Fuchs ODS amp - this one a 70s Princeton Reverb completely redone by Andy Fuchs, the guy then ordered a maple/mahogany Sultone cabinet. Heat-shrunk tubing provides strain This amplifiers wooden cabinet was covered with black tolex and the grill covering in front of the speaker baffle was grey or silver sparkle woven material. o. This amp have very nice sounding reverb and also very nice deep sounding vibrato, again classic Fender tone. Available with the original, silver/grey grill, 10” speaker baffle or silver/grey 12” baffle or cream cane 12” baffle. deluxe welded chrome plated steel chassis with quality eyelet and turret boards, and hand wired components Mint condition Fender Princeton Reverb 65 Reissue guitar for sale or trade. Early models had the baffle screwed in from the front. Fender Princeton Reverb II. A pair of 6V6s gives 18W output through a Mojotone BV series 12″ speaker and the push-pull bright, mid-boost, and negative feedback control gives plenty of usable tone shaping options Dec 10, 2019 · I have a special edition Princeton Reverb Reissue that was stock with a 12" speaker and wanted to try different speakers with it. The Weber 10F150T just doesn’t seem to have that Fender “sparkle”. 99 SPEAKER BAFFLE MOUNTING STAINLESS STEEL SCREWS AND WASHERS (SET OF 6) FOR Fender® Blackface and Silverface Series. The speaker had been replaced long before I purchased the amp with a 12″ fender something really poor. May 01, 2020 · Standard power transformer with a deluxe reverb output transformer and choke filtering for just a bit more headroom than a traditional Princeton Reverb. The cab needs to have a couple of corners cut off the internal bracing. $56. Apr 07, 2019 · I actually made 2 baffles at the same time, one with cane and one with standard Fender cloth, which is much easier to handle. Set of 6 screws with oval Philips heads, stainless steel #8, 1 3/4 inches long, and matching set of 6 stainless steel cup washers. com if you wold like to order this cabinet in a 1x10 speaker baffle configuration instead of a 1x12 . No matter which one you get, it is paramount that you use quality hardware to anchor the speaker to the baffle. Just got one today, in tweed with Eminence Cannabis Rex 50 watt speaker (sweetwater exclusive I believe). If they give the player the tone he is looking for then it’s all good but the amp isn’t really a Princeton Reverb anymore. It's a nice cheap substitute where something like a Deluxe Reverb would be OK, although it's a bit cleaner than the Deluxe. 12 watts, 2x6V6, tube rectifier, Blue tone caps, Schumacher transformers, output tube-biased tremolo circuit, 12" Eminence Special Design speaker, single-button footswitch and Filson cloth cover. They are identified by the vertical black lines on the faceplate. The front baffle is glued to the rest of the cab to make the box more sturdy and one of the pieces at the back is removable for accessibility. All PBC chips removed and amp was hand wired by Fox Amps in Nashville. Even with a new speaker, the little cab isn’t big enough for decent bass. The Tweed Princeton was the next line of practice amps after the Champ models with similarities of an 8” speaker and single ended class A with 5 watts output. Teardrop Bird Feeder Patterns Our Woodworking Experts Show You How 26 Jul 2020 (☑ Watch Anywwere) | Teardrop Bird Feeder Patterns Step-By-Step Blueprints!!how to Teardrop Bird Feeder Patterns for 5 of the Best Bass/Kick Drum Mics for Studio and Stage Vintage Fender Princeton unloaded cab - made in USA. Killer reverb and vibrato (trem). Not as portable obviously, but it's an option. Scroll Down for Fender Replacement Amplifier Cabinets Pricing or email me for a quote on a 1×10 (Princeton/Harvard), $160, $255 pine cab, baffle, backs, tweed, handle, speaker mounting hardware, chassis bolts, and feet glides. Be sure to get the 10"/8 ohm (link Jul 28, 2016 · Same goes for changing the OT or upgrading to a 12″ baffle and speaker. The Blackface Fender Princeton Amp ("non-Reverb") is a highly sought-after vintage guitar combo, perfect for small clubs and recording studios. Turn up the volume and turn back the clock. I work in a carpentry shop, so, it's just a matter of birch or pine ??? MIght also be a good time to go 12 inch! Blackface Princeton Reverb 1x10 Speaker Baffle. Buy a new 1-12" cab for it, buy a 12" baffle for the existing cab or simply screw the 12" speaker over the ten inch hole like musicians have been doing since the 60s. If you're unfamiliar with these amps, check them out. The non-reverb Fender Princeton tends to stay cleaner and will only start a crunch sound at pretty high volumes. I bought the speaker in early 2009 and it's not going anywhere. Price to sell. Replacement for original Fender® speaker mounting studs. Learn more about Fender electric basses. The Fender Princeton Reverb can give you a great blackface clean tone and can also be driven to crunch when pushed. The baffle board and back panel are made out of baltic birch ply. Make Offer - Hand-Wired Amp, Modified Fender Princeton 5F2A Circuit, Two-Stroke,1X12 Eminence Vintage 1966 Fender Princeton Amplifier NOS Mullards JJs Clark Amplification EX+ $2,779. Nov 30, 2012 · 1961 Tweed Fender Princeton Amplifier, many pics inside and out. Fender produces acoustic guitars, bass amplifiers and public address equipment, but is best known for its solid-body electric guitars and bass guitars, particularly the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision Bass, and the Jazz Bass. Gibson, Fender, Vox, Princeton, Deluxe Reverb, Jim Kelly 100 watt Musicman combo. It is a “black line” series. I'd rather have the option of adding a better plywood baffle as well as the option of a 12" baffle too. All original iron, one replaced knob, three prong cord installed, and new foot switch included. There are several extra holes in the baffle that are consistent with a 12" footprint. 159987. The tube setup was a 5Y3, 6V6, and a 6SL7 for about 5 watts of power into a 8 inch Alinco Speaker. fender princeton speaker baffle

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